Preston Trail Community Church

Company Overview

At Preston Trail Community Church, we strive to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. This clarity comes from an awareness of our mission (what we're supposed to be doing), our values (the shared convictions that guide our decisions and reveal our strengths), our strategy (what we do to accomplish our mission) and our measures (how we know when we're successful). The desired result in all of these is that the mission of Jesus would become the mission of our lives!  

Our Mission:

Helping people find and follow Jesus Christ 

Our Values:

Smile First (Welcoming people so they feel expected and accepted)

Think Family (Growing marriages and families that are built to last)

Be Real (Taking off our masks and daring to be known)

Do Stuff (Turning what we're learning into action)

Lead Forward (Anticipating what's next and having the courage to do it)

Love Story (Sharing God's big story . . . and every new one He writes)

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